Commit 958c54aa authored by Administrator's avatar Administrator

create excluded, nonParsable and manual database fields for activity

parent 419755a2
......@@ -117,6 +117,9 @@ const SqfEntityTable tableActivity = SqfEntityTable(
SqfEntityField('sdevVerticalOscillation', DbType.real),
SqfEntityField('cp', DbType.real),
SqfEntityField('ftp', DbType.real),
SqfEntityField('nonParsable', DbType.bool),
SqfEntityField('excluded', DbType.bool),
SqfEntityField('manual', DbType.bool),
parentTable: tableAthlete,
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -119,6 +119,10 @@ class Activity {
double get swcLat => _db.swcLat;
double get swcLong => _db.swcLong;
double get totalFractionalCycles => _db.totalFractionalCycles;
bool get nonParsable => _db.nonParsable;
bool get manual => _db.manual;
bool get excluded => _db.excluded;
int get athletesId => _db.athletesId;
int get avgHeartRate => _db.avgHeartRate;
int get avgTemperature => _db.avgTemperature;
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